Thank you for your interest in St. Catherine’s Childcare Society. We hope this information is helpful to you.

We have an open door policy and our Coordinator welcomes the opportunity to show you around our center.

Please call to arrange a preschool tour and to find out more about our programs.


St. Catherine’s Childcare Society was formed in 1991 when a decision was made at St. Catherine’s Church to support a new ministry to young children and their families. With the owner of the private preschool operating out of the building retiring, the opportunity arose.

The parish members responded by donating their time to completely renovate the space into a bright, cheerful center for play and learning. The materials were purchases through a loan from the Parish which later was generously forgiven.

St. Catherine’s Childcare Society is a nonprofit society run by a board of directors. The board of directors consists of the Rector, a Warden, two Church members, up to one Community members, and up to 3 elected Parent representatives. The Christian component of our programs is intended to enhance and affirm the loving values taught at home, such as kindness, treating each other as we wish to be treated, and valuing the uniqueness and worth of each child. We celebrate the Christian seasons of Christmas and Easter. In this light, we continue to affirm and celebrate special feast days of other cultures and religions, if our students belong to other traditions – i.e. Chinese New Year.