Our Philosophy

We believe children learn best through play

Preschool playtime is a cognitive learning exercise where children practice taking in information and organizing it to solve problems, learn about themselves, get along with others and understand the environment.

Our Mission

To provide sound early learning experiences within a Christian framework, helping children to grow and thrive in all areas of their development; emotional, social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual.


St. Catherine’s Preschool has three large, bright classrooms designed to enhance each child’s learning experience in a safe and nurturing environment.
We have a fully equipped indoor gym as well as a wonderful outdoor area with an adventure playground. During the warmer months painting, chalking, bubbles, and water play are also offered outside.
These two areas provide exceptional space for lots of gross motor development.

Special Components

Christian Education

St. Catherine’s Preschool is a Christian preschool, which seeks to enhance and affirm the loving values and concepts taught in your home. Grace is said before snack. The children are encouraged to share, be kind and considerate to others, as well as to appreciate their role in the environment. Each child is valued as a unique person.
Christmas and Easter are celebrated with the children leading services in the church, incorporating what they have learned in their music classes.